Plastic Granulator

Top Line Wet T150908W

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Top Line Wet T150908W

Top Line Wet T150908W

Plastic Granulator
Top Line Wet T150908W

The TOP series of granulators are suitable for the water grinding of contaminated plastic products coming from post-consumer waste collection. The main advantage of using this type of granulator is that it combines a precise grinding phase with the pre-washing of the material in a single step, allowing a considerable proportion of impurities to be removed. The machines in this series stand out due to their highly sturdy and heavy-duty construction, whose main feature is the rotor, made from a solid forged monoblock without welding in order to be very resistant to wear and abrasion. Another unique characteristic is the interchangeability of many of the components which are subject to wear over time; for the grinding of abrasive materials, this includes the rotor blade holders and the cutting chamber protection plates.

This configuration is recommended for the grinding of heavy and tough materials.
  • Sorting screen with upper discharge surface
  • Pulley diam. 1400mm - weight 3.8 tonnes which ensures a higher cutting torque and therefore a greater cutting force, stabilising the rotation speed

available industry package 4.0

bruno folcieri is actively involved in the 4.0 industry, with systems that make the machines “intelligent communicating entities”, even when working remotely. integrated with the it and itc worlds, the remote assistance service allows changes to be made to the configuration of the control system, through a company tpc/ip network connection and an internet connection.


  • external watertight bearing supports
  • long-term durability
  • easy to use
  • quick and easy to maintain
  • on-bench blade and counter-blade presetting
  • automatic-hydraulic opening and closing of the feed hopper, grinding chamber access compartment and screen-holder
  • hopper safety arm opening
  • anti-rotation rotor safety brake

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